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Could you ‘bare’ it?

You have always dreamed of building your own home. From the tiles on the roof to the kitchen fittings, every detail is in your head. Then you get the opportunity to fulfil your dream. How would you feel? A once in a lifetime opportunity, the moment you can express yourself and design something beautiful.
A […]

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Legionnaire’s Disease

Should I be worried about Legionnaire’s Disease?
Poulton Plumbing your local Blackpool plumber would like to bring customers attention to the water borne disease called Legionnaires. Many of you might be wondering what it actually is and what it has got to do with your plumber in Blackpool.

Legionnaire’s disease is a form of pneumonia and […]

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Fancy a Fresh Start?

There is something about seeing the first snowdrops of the year. They are the purest of whites and there is something so delicate that we cannot but stop to admire them. We all know daffodils will soon follow. There is something that stirs in us, a fresh hopeful perspective of the year ahead. It’s […]

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