Top Advantages of Top Loaders

Let’s start with the price. If you are looking for a machine and your consideration is mainly the price of purchase then the top loader could be for you. Although front loaders have come down in price you will generally find that a top loader can be a much cheaper to buy.

The top loader supporters will also rave to you about the ‘agitators’! If you are immediately thinking the agitators are the smelly crusty socks you found on your teenager’s floor this morning, you would be wrong.

Agitators in Top loaders are what people love about them…agitators are vertical spindles that rotate and move. These toss your clothes around and cause the dirt to break up. However, your front loader fans may dispute this advantage.

Of course, the Top loader could suit the aesthetic look of your home better than a front loading machine. Remember if you are using a washing machine frequently it is easier on the knees than the front loader.

Disadvantage of a Top Loader

Water! Way back this was certainly a bone of contention for the advocates of front loaders…top loaders simply used gallons more water than the top loaders. These days, newer models are much more sparing, but this still doesn’t always equal efficiency. And sorry to say, but the agitators in a top loading machine can add to making for a much noisier cycle.

Professional Installations by Poulton Plumbing

Of course, there is much more to consider before you purchase. We hope this has helped highlight a few of the advantages and disadvantages you may encounter with these two machines.

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