Has Your Boiler ‘Packed in’?

All is not lost! Your boiler may have stopped firing up, it may be leaking or it might just be making a very strange noise but it can most likely be swiftly fixed. If a boiler is old it doesn’t necessarily mean it has ‘had it’! Our engineers can assess the problem and discuss the best way forward for you and your heating issues and needs. If it does come to replacing your boiler then we can help, advise and navigate you through the best way of purchasing a boiler that is going to best fit your needs.

Wondering if the Boiler needs a Boiler Repair?

It’s not unusual for a boiler to have its ‘moments’. Sometimes it is the boiler, but sometimes it can just be human error; the accidental knock of a switch etc. If you are not sure if you‘re in need of an engineer then feel free to call and ask our advice first, we can talk you through some check steps and if a problem persists and you do need a proper boiler repair then we will be on our way as soon as we can. Do not hesitate to get in touch, we are a family run business, so when you phone we will be more than happy to help, these things happen every day! We will do our best to help and assist our customers with the boiler repair. If it is human error we may be able to help you resolve it over the telephone.

A Trusted Central Heating Engineer sent out to your Home with Poulton Plumbing

The issue of safety, trust and good time management of anyone whilst working in the home has never been so important for our customers as it today. The home is our place of comfort and security. We like to stress how much we sympathize with you on this issue and accordingly make sure that this is a priority for our engineers, including any central heating engineer that may visit your home. So if you need a central heating engineer, then you can be rest assured with Poulton Plumbing you will have a safe and honest experience.

Have your Central Heating Checked Regularly

There are things as a householder you can check yourself when it comes to central heating. Never forget that you should get your central heating regularly serviced professionally. Don’t neglect central heating boiler problems; they can make the boiler extremely inefficient and at times dangerous for those living in your home and nearby. If the central heating is used a lot in your home, whether it is old or new then the checks should be carried out more often and by a professional engineer.