To Top Load or to Front Load?

If you have ever had to delve into the world of buying a new washing machine you will soon learn that friends with the best intentions, will be giving you advice on the best model. Everyone has an opinion on what to buy and can give you numerous reasons why. You will receive a “whirlpool” (pardon the pun) of advice and personal preferences from your mother in law to the mother of your child’s friend!

Some will say the top loading washing machine is the one for you, whilst others will vehemently disagree and say… “don’t do it you will regret it…the front loader every time!” They will say it with such confidence you might well feel that your life and all that will happen in the future is now hanging in the balance on whether you take their advice or not. So what do you do?

Your Blackpool Plumber Gives His Pennies Worth

Poulton Plumbing want to help you clear the muddy water on the front loader verses the top loader washing machine subject.

So, the next two upcoming blogs by your local Blackpool Plumber, Poulton Plumbing will focus on this subject. We will provide you with a few simple pros and cons. This will help you make a well-informed choice between the top loader and front loader washing machines. The first of the two will be focusing on the front loader machine. This is possibly one of the more common models people buy.

At Poulton Plumbing, we recognise that with a little research you can find a machine that suits your needs, and not that of the next door neighbour’s. Of course, if you would like to ask about a certain model you have in mind, you can contact us at Poulton Plumbing before buying and installing a washing machine. You will get value for money with all of Poulton Plumbing’s services.