Are You In Desperate Need of a Plumber in Blackpool?

A plumber may be easy to come by in Blackpool, but to find a good plumber in Blackpool or elsewhere may be a rarity. Why take the chance? Why trawl the internet or yellow pages any further? Poulton Plumbing has a superb reputation with excellent testimonials and gallery pictures to prove it. Whatever you may require a plumber in Blackpool area for, we can accommodate you; leaks, installations and services can all be taken care of in the good hands of Poulton Plumbing. For a plumber in Blackpool contact us by phone or email.

  • General Plumbing

  • Leaks & Burst Pipes

  • Washers & Ball Valves

  • Bathroom Design

  • Bathroom Installation

  • Bathroom Repair

  • Wet Room

  • En Suite Bathrooms

  • Kitchen Plumbing

  • Complete Bathroom Refurbishment

  • Electric Boiler

  • Guttering and Rainwater Pipe

  • Drainage & Blockages

  • Shower Repair & Maintenance

  • Power Showers and Pump

  • Outside Stand Pipes/Taps

  • Water Tanks/Watering Systems

  • Immersion Heaters

  • Water Heaters

  • Waste Disposals

  • Washing Machines

  • Plumbed Fridges

Boiler Repair, Central Heating Repair, Pump Change, System Updates

Boiler repair, central heating repair, pump changes and system updates are just some of the services Poulton Plumbing offers. We value our customers and therefore our prices for any such work reflect reasonableness and honesty. Boiler repair work is a huge part of our business and we are experienced with most models old and new. We have engineers that are registered Baxi Installers and therefore can appropriately install and carry out any Baxi boiler repair.

We Can Provide a Professional Central Heating Engineer in Blackpool

If you have need of a professional central heating engineer in Blackpool then Poulton Plumbing can provide you with an excellent service. A central heating engineer in Blackpool can come to your home, place of work or any other commercial location. Regular checks, repairs and installation can be done with our highly trained central heating engineer in Blackpool.

Carrying out the Best of Central Heating Repair in Blackpool

In Blackpool, like anywhere else, most of us have central heating. No doubt then at some point we will need a little bit of help with central heating repair in Blackpool or at least a service and check. To keep heating systems working at their optimum and most cost effective, these checks and repairs should be taken into consideration regularly. We cannot offer you the perfect central heating repair in Blackpool but we can offer you a service that is as close to perfect. We can say this because we are dedicated to our work; we understand our customers and we are competitive with our prices. This way of working has led to a great customer base and good reputation that reflects these things mentioned above. Please visit the rest of our website for a more detailed explanation of our services.