A ‘Proper’ Plumber at your Service!

No cowboys here thank you very much! Whether you need help with installing new appliances like washing machines and dishwashers or fixing old ones then we are on hand. You will find a ‘proper’ plumber and his services are available with Poulton Plumbing 24 hours. If you have an emergency call to make due to leakages or any other problems then we will be at your service. Need a plumber to install your new bathroom or just to stop that annoying dripping tap? Then contact Poulton Plumbing as soon as is convenient for you.

A Gas Safe Registered Gas Engineer at your Service!

Safety is a priority for us. With Poulton Plumbing you will find that any gas engineer sent to your home has been trained extensively and has all the legal requirements to carry out his job. Cutting corners is no part of our work ethic and you will find that our gas engineer will have the same diligent when it comes to every aspect of his work. We trust and value our capable gas engineers and so can you, when you require the services of a gas engineer with Poulton Plumbing.

A Thorough Heating Engineer at your Service!

We cannot emphasise enough how seriously all our engineers view their work. A heating engineer will thoroughly assess and carry out any work you may require. You may require a heating engineer to estimate and put together a plan for your next move when it comes to fixing or installing new and old heating. The heating engineer will give you an honest and transparent estimate of the work and notify you promptly if further costs are going to have to be incurred. The good news is that our heating engineer will be as thorough as possible and therefore further costs are very rare. The costs of all our services at Poulton Plumbing are reasonable and affordable.

Central Heating Repair – at Your Service!

No, don’t delay…if it’s broke, fix it! Our engineers are at the ready to help with any central heating repair that needs to be carried out and the quicker the better! If you address a problem with your heating and boiler now, then you can save yourself money and prolong the life of your central heating system for years to come. A central heating repair may only take a little time, so invest in it now!