Does the Front Loader Come out on Top?

Firstly, there is no getting around it, if you buy a front loader then some extra bending and moving will definitely be required. If you find you are washing multiple loads every single day this might be a point that is seriously worth considering.

If you are on the shorter side of the height spectrum then there have been complaints about not being able to retrieve the last few pairs of undies in the top loader. That could be the thing that swings it for getting a front loader.

As a front loader does not have an agitator you will probably have your clothes for longer! Always a bonus, unless you have been trying to get rid of those hideous red trousers your partner has been wearing since the late 80’s.

The clothes will be bundled around in a front loader with less force but this does not mean you lose out on getting things really clean.

Are There Any Disadvantages to a Front Loader?

The front loader does have a disadvantage. The rubber seal can suffer with mould. To prevent this from happening you can leave the door open when it is not in use to keep it dry.

This could be slightly awkward if your front loader was going under a counter top or being built into a cupboard. It could be frustrating to have to have it ajar and mess up the streamline look of the kitchen.
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