You have always dreamed of building your own home. From the tiles on the roof to the kitchen fittings, every detail is in your head. Then you get the opportunity to fulfil your dream. How would you feel? A once in a lifetime opportunity, the moment you can express yourself and design something beautiful.
A South Korean man named Sim Jae-Duck had this opportunity and guess what his dream house was…a giant big Loo! Yes, you have read that right, he built a house in the shape of a huge toilet for the price of 1.1 million dollars– charming eh? To be fair when you learn more about the man’s method behind his madness the story is quite endearing.

This man actually gave up his home of thirty years to demolish it and replace it with a giant toilet. Why? For the greater awareness of World Toilet Association (WTA). As rumour has it, he was born in a restroom which seems to have left a big impression on the man who has dedicated his life to promote better sanitary conditions for those who go without. The 4,520 square foot structure also has a glass walled feature bathroom inside the big loo and with the press of a button the glass turns opaque.

Can your local Blackpool Plumber tempt you?

How do you fancy creating Blackpool’s only toilet shaped house? No we didn’t think you would be up to that, but you can experiment and have fun with your toilet in the bathroom. If you are on the adventurous side and looking for some inspiration then contact your local Blackpool plumbers, Poulton Plumbing for their help on what’s available. Your Blackpool plumber can help you design your own bathroom masterpiece.