Blackpool celebrate International Women’s Day

Last month was full of various activities in order to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) across the globe. Blackpool also had an array of celebrations in honour of the day. Having a day to celebrate women’s rights is not a new thing. On the contrary, this is a custom from over 100 years ago! The first Women’s Day was observed in New York in 1909.

Why don’t we see Women Plumbers?

Naturally, being a local plumber in Blackpool , IWD got us thinking about women and the world of plumbing. Plumbing is certainly a very male dominated industry, but is this about to change? We got thinking about how many women take up plumbing as a career in the UK and what is available for a young person who is female and wants to become a plumber in Blackpool? According to statistics less than 1% of plumbers in the UK are female. With 59% of consumers wanting more women to take up plumbing, why are there so few? Some females say they were not encouraged to pursue such trades at school but if they had a chance again, they would like to train in trades such as plumbing. What is being done to make sure women have the opportunity to train in this trade now? Organisations such as WaterSafe have not only carried out surveys about this subject but have gone on to champion getting more females into the trade with campaigns such as ‘Get Girls Plumbing.’ Ideally in the future we will find more plumbers in Blackpool and elsewhere in the country that are female. Hopefully young people, regardless of gender, will see plumbing as a desirable career. If you happen to be looking for a local Blackpool plumber right now, then Poulton Plumbing are ready to assist you.