Should I be worried about Legionnaire’s Disease?

Poulton Plumbing your local Blackpool plumber would like to bring customers attention to the water borne disease called Legionnaires. Many of you might be wondering what it actually is and what it has got to do with your plumber in Blackpool.

Legionnaire’s disease is a form of pneumonia and it can be fatal. Anyone could contract it but there are those who have a higher risk of catching the disease such as smokers, chronic respiratory sufferers, older people and those that have a weak immune system.

Why can anyone contract this disease? Good question, it is because the bacterium Legionella Pneumophila and related bacteria are found in water. This can be our natural water sources such as rivers, reservoirs etc, but also in our own plumbing system at home. In fact this is much more likely to be the place that you will find the Legionella bacteria. Why? Because the temperature found in spa pools, cooling towers and evaporative condensers are better breeding grounds for the bacteria rather than the local reservoir.

How can your Blackpool Plumber Help?

Firstly, do not take short cuts when it comes to plumbing repairs and your safety. It’s much better to get a certified professional plumber in Blackpool than your Uncle Bill to carry out maintenance work and checks on your water systems. Ask your local plumber in Blackpool for advice on changing old boiler and heating systems in exchange for lower risk modern combi boilers. A good idea is to regularly check your whirlpools and spas as these are susceptible to the disease. Keep water systems clean and at the right temperature which your plumber can advise you. You may even need your plumber to remove unused pipe works and cisterns. For more helpful advice from your local plumbers in Blackpool, contact Poulton Plumbing.