Creeping in to autumn, open fires and wood burning stoves are being stoked up and lit for the first time. There is nothing more comforting than spending a cold night in if the heating is working at its optimum! For that to be the case all home heating, whether gas or solid fuel, need to have been checked that they are in full working order and safe to be used. This is more important than ever as an alarming discovery has been made about home smoke alarms and their effectiveness when it comes to children. It is common knowledge that children are generally deep sleepers but no one suspected that if a 3,000Hz fire detector were to go off in the home children would not wake up. When six children in Derby died in the same house fire, the fire service and police could not understand why all children failed to escape, the thought that they had all slept through the fire alarm was becoming a horrifying possibility. After many experiments and research, evidence has been found that the standard fire alarm frequency (3000Hz) is too high a pitch to wake children and actually a lower frequency like 520Hz is much more effective for children, even alarms using a human voice could be the future. More families are being tested before a new alarm can be available on the market for homes.

 Are Standard Alarms Now Useless?

Far from it, standard alarms will still wake adults and adults can wake children. Alarms are still vital for the home. How else can you keep your home safe? Your local plumber in Blackpool, Poulton Plumbing, encourages customers to take as many precautions as possible when it comes to fire safety. Poulton Plumbing is a professional Blackpool plumber who carries out gas safety checks for heating, boilers and appliances. Poulton Plumbing is ready to help if you are looking for a plumber in the Blackpool area.