What does Blue Water mean?

If someone talks about ‘blue’ water they are usually talking about the colour of the sea not water coming from our taps. So what does it mean if our taps start to produce blue water? Most likely copper is your culprit! Any plumber in Blackpool can tell you that copper is a very common material used for water piping and fluxes in your plumbing system, but do you need to worry about it? Blue water is produced when copper is corroding. This is not a common occurrence and interestingly only happens when there is relatively new copper plumbing in a property.

What to do when your Water turns Blue

If you live in Blackpool and find you have blue water then the reasons are most likely to be one of these three factors:

  1. Water in new pipes has not been used straight away and water has been left dormant.
  2. Plumbing has not been carried out by a professional plumber in Blackpool.
  3. Too many fluxes have been used in the plumbing or unsuitable fluxes have been used.

When any plumbing work has been carried out on a property then your local professional Blackpool plumber or water company should make sure all pipe works are washed through and that a minimum of fluxes have been used.

If it does occur what should you do? Contact your local plumber in Blackpool for advice and an inspection. Don’t leave water dormant for long periods of time. Put new plumbing to use as soon as possible. Remove copper deposits with anti-scaling cleaning products. Copper corrosion can also occur in old piping with different consequences. Poulton Plumbing will explain the reasons why as well as give advice on how to prevent this from happening with your property in the next month’s blog.