It is strange to think that there is such a thing as hard and soft water. Most people think of water or fluids as thick or thin depending on its consistency. Yet, it is true that water can be described as soft or hard. You may even have read that water in your area is hard. What does this mean?

Hard or Soft – How do you know?

Basically hard water is water that contains an excessive amount of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, whereas soft water is free of mineral impurities such as these. Whilst calcium and magnesium are helpful elements in maintaining our health they are not so healthy for your plumbing system. They can lead to a build-up within pipes called scale. This can affect water pressure and detrimentally affect water appliances. If you have noticed this problem in your house, get in touch with Poulton Plumbing who will be glad to help. They can provide expert advice about the use of water softeners to counteract the effects of hard water. Poulton plumbing are neither hard nor soft they are just fair and straight!