Have you ever come to collect your washing from your washing machine and as you open the door you instantly detect a musty smell? Something is clearly not right. Clean washing is a really pleasant and homely smell. To be robbed of a pleasant smell in exchange for a musty one is annoying. So what has gone wrong? Has something been left in the machine? Has something been left in one of the clothing pockets? Possibly but it’s more likely that you may have been running cool washes and residue from the wash has built up inside your machine.

What can you do?

Economy washing using cool water is an excellent way to conserve energy and help protect the environment. However, we still need to do a warm and even hot wash from time to time. Make sure you follow your cool wash with a warm wash. The warm water helps to break up the residue in your machine and stop it from building up. This will then drain away with the waste water and you will be back to sweet smelling washing in no time. Well, maybe not in no time but certainly in a few cycles!