Acronyms can get confusing at the best of times so we won’t blame you for not knowing these either. However there is no harm in guessing and since this is a plumbing website and blog let’s start with the easiest…WC? Yes, it shouldn’t have taken you too long to guess that this stands for Water Closet.

How about WPC and WPD? A bit of a harder question? If you have guessed P might stand for Plumbing then you would be right.

WPC and WPD are actually acronyms that have rather important meanings and your local Blackpool plumber, Poulton Plumbing is going to tell you a little about them both.


This actually stands for the World Plumbing Council – didn’t know it even existed? Well you can be forgiven for not knowing this, but why is the WPC important and what do they do?

The World Plumbing Council is an international organization which works hard to promote and develop worldwide standards for the plumbing industry. This is their mission statement “to promote the role of plumbing in improving public health and safeguarding the environment, by uniting the World Plumbing Industry, for the benefit of all.”

WPC promotes the link between quality plumbing, health, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity with the vital help of WPD. What exactly is WPD then?

WPD – World Plumbing Day

Whilst working very hard to promote better plumbing worldwide the WPC, in the year 2000, initiated and created the WPD which stands for World Plumbing Day. It is an international event held on March 11th and with each successive year gains more support and countries getting involved. Each year there are hundreds of activities and global events to celebrate and promote good plumbing.

If you asked all the plumbers in Blackpool they might not be able to tell you what these acronyms stand for. However the promotion of good sanitation available to all worldwide is an issue close to the heart of Poulton Plumbing which is why they are writing this blog.

If you are looking for a plumber in Blackpool that adheres to high standards of plumbing and safety measures then contact Poulton Plumbing. Read the next Blog to find out what Britain did to support WPD this year.