Thailand is the place that holds the biggest water fight in the world and it happens every year, in fact it is the nation’s way of celebrating their New Year, in the month of April. The water games involve about 60 million inhabitants and a few ‘million’ tourists. As you can imagine it is a very wet affair. Interestingly the name of the water festival is very similar to the Thai word for war and foreigners often get the word wrong. Ironically, Songkran is a water ‘war’ in more ways than one.

Thailand has been suffering from a drought in parts of the country this year. The people have been encouraged to use water sparingly and they even decided a new theme for the water festival called ‘Traditional Songkran, valuing Conservation.’ Public opinion on this is almost as hot as the weather!

Our Own War with Water

Before we point the finger we should think about how we view our own water supplies. Even in our own country, how we use and view water comes down to education and motivation in reducing our water consumption. Can we recycle rain water for the garden? Do we remember to turn the water tap off when we brush our teeth? Do we do what we can to prevent leaks and get them fixed as soon as they appear?

Water is a precious commodity and no one appreciates this better than your local plumber. If you have water issues at your property in the Blackpool or surrounding area then give Poulton Plumbing a call.