Water continues to be a very precious commodity and it is wise to remind ourselves of the practical things we can do right in our home to save water. Great for the planet and your pockets!

1. Turn the tap off whilst brushing your teeth! Yes, some of us still forget. Try and make this a habit in your morning regime. You would be surprised how much water you can save over the year. In fact, reports say we can save up to 6 litres per minute if we just turn the tap off while cleaning our teeth!

2. Collect water in water butts from the drain pipes in the garden. Free water for your plants and garden.

3. Shorten your showers by a few minutes.

4. When washing, use a full load.

5. Get the dripping tap fixed!

6. Investigate the water saving devices available on the market for your home such as hot water heater data trackers. This will help you keep an eye on what you are using and how to keep the temperature at the most economic for heating and water.

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