In December 1966 the body of a 92 year old man was found in his home by a meter reader man.  Evidence suggested this poor gentleman had come to an abrupt end by means of the mysterious spontaneous human combustion (SHC) phenomenon.

All that remained, in fact, was not a body but just one leg and a slipper foot. Can humans really spontaneously combust? Is it chemical gases? Is it just fire? Scientists are still asking these questions. The good news is it is very rare and SHC is usually something read in those ‘strange but true’ books you read as a kid under the duvet cover.

Gas leaks, unfortunately, are not as rare as SHC. Carbon monoxide has the less intriguing title…the silent killer. Gas appliances in the home should be fitted professionally by a Gas Safe engineer. They will carry a registration card for you to see. Make sure you have regular gas services on your appliances in the home and be extra cautious about second hand appliances.

Poulton Plumbing carries out regular Gas Safety Checks and can install new and second hand appliances in the Blackpool area. Never hesitate to call for a quote if you are unsure about a leak or any other gas query.