So how do we really feel about glass bathrooms, is it fashionably sleek or simply scary?

Mums are probably thinking of all the things that could happen when you put children, bathrooms and glass all into one sentence. What then is it that makes glass bathrooms so popular?

It has been said glass gives a sophisticated and stylish look, so much so that many hotels and homes have designed entire bathrooms with their exterior walls and doors made from glass. (Frosted option available for those of us who are little shy of sharing our showers and bowel movements with others)

When we ask to use the bathroom at our friend’s home and are ushered to a room with glass doors, I think most of us have that momentary (or longer) thought of ‘can I wait a until I get home?’

Is glass all that scary then? Does it really have a place in our bathrooms? Yes! It can look stunning combined with beautiful ceramic or chrome. Bathroom designers have produced some beautiful baths and showers that feature the unique sleekness of glass.

If you are thinking of redesigning or building a bathroom and want to incorporate glass fittings then check out Poulton Plumbing’s website gallery. They have experience of sourcing and fitting glass baths and showers that look really sleek and stylish. Poulton Plumbing is one of your local Blackpool plumbers.