What is some of the weird and wonderful advice people earnestly give you when you are left with the horrible realisation that your toilet is blocked and flowing over the brim?

Kick the toilet, use rubber gloves, throw in vinegar, use a coat hanger, and the dreaded plunger are just some of the less crazy suggestions.

In fact, it seems that the Koreans are so fed up with the problem that they have invented what they call a ‘mess-free’ way of toilet unclogging as an alternative to the good old plunger method. They have been called genius for their loo invention.

Let’s be honest none of these are glamourous methods and depending on what is causing the blockage, may not be effective. You are presented with some options; the not so nice job of ‘do it yourself,’ experiment with weird and wonderful ideas, or simply take your toilet to Korea.

There is one other option of course, call your plumber. It saves time, energy and your clothes. A good plumber can identify where and what the blockage is and how to unclog the toilet without causing a flood and further leaks. Having expertise and professional equipment, Poulton Plumbing are happy to help with any of the jobs you would rather not do. If you live in the Blackpool area and have any queries contact Poulton Plumbing for a reliable local plumber.