No, this is not a new nickname word for your plumber! In fact, it is quite the opposite. It is a very old word for your plumber. For your local plumber this may well have been one of the first things they learned in their training days. Plumbum is the Latin word for lead. Lead was important in the early Roman times for making water pipe systems. The word Plumber we have today is derived from that Latin word.

Leading away from Lead

To the relief of plumbers around England, plumbum is not a word well known to the general home owner. Its namesake ’lead’ however, is causing worry for many people and their properties. Lead and iron piping was commonly used for water supplies right up until the 1960’s. The pipes are prone to problems such as poor water flow, leaking and rust. Whether they should be removed and replaced is often a question that is presented to the plumber by the householder.

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