You want the modern look of an elegantly tiled bathroom but you love the comfort that a luxury carpet can bring. After tearing yourself away from the warm folds of the duvet there is nothing worse than the welcome of bathroom tiles that are literally just stone cold. But what if you could have both; stunning tiles and toasty warm feet in the bathroom?

Poulton Plumbing Solve the Problem

For those of you thinking about replacing or having a new bathroom put in, underfloor heating is a worthy element to consider. It may not be for everyone, but it is certainly becoming a popular feature in homes across Britain. A bathroom project is a good time to try the virtues of underfloor heating as it is easily integrated under the flooring before tiling goes down.

There are two types of underfloor heating systems, one is controlled by water the other by electric. Poulton Plumbing operates in the Blackpool area and are experienced plumbers who install underfloor heating systems. The underfloor heating is fitted with a thermostat and timer. When you roll out of bed and enter your sleek bathroom with warm tiles underfoot you will never miss carpet again.