Poulton Plumbing offers thermostatic radiator valve upgrades. Below are 5 very useful questions and answers to help you understand what they are and how they can save you money!

1) What is a thermostatic radiator valve?

It is a self-regulating valve that controls the flow of liquid in a hot water system, in this case the radiator. This then has an effect on the room’s temperature.

2) How does it work?

The valve can sense the temperature in the room and accordingly limit or increase the amount of water that goes into the radiator.

3) What are the benefits?

A constant temperature in a room can be maintained. Doing this can reduce heating bills dramatically.

4) Why would you need to ever replace one?

They can getbroken manually or simply through wear and tear. If this happens you will find your radiators on full blast. This is expensive, hot and inefficient.

5) How do I know if the valve needs replacing?

Poulton Plumbing is well versed in all plumbing and radiator valve issues. More often than not the thermostatic radiator valve doesn’t actually need completely replacing just fixing. However it is important to get a professional opinion, leaks and faulty valves can cause many problems. So if you are dealing with any of these issues and need a professional in the Blackpool area call your local experts, Poulton Plumbing on 01253 886 626.