Racing Reliant Rialtos in Blackpool

There has always been something fun, eccentric and edgy about a car with three wheels. The Reliant Regal became one of the nation’s favourite classic cars thanks to the help of Del Boy owning one in the sitcom Only Fools and Horses. The Robin Reliant and Reliant Rialtos became very popular also.

Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans decided to race their Reliant Rialtos from London to Blackpool. Most people just get the bus…having said that it was a great way to get to Blackpool and a great way to start the new series of Top Gear.

Reliant or Reliable?

During the Top Gear challenge Matt LeBlanc found himself struggling to actually get to Blackpool. His Reliant Rialto broke down about seven times, no doubt humouring Chris Evans. However, Matt LeBlanc did say he might make it to Blackpool again in the future. It could be by bus after all!

If you want reliable it may be time to modernise!

Although the British have a tendency to love all things ‘classic‘ sometimes our nostalgic sentiment costs us. It could be the classic car; it could be the heating system in the house; it could be the bathroom suite. Be careful not to run in to trouble with constant maintenance costs. If you live in the Blackpool area and are considering modernising your bathroom, heating or kitchen appliances and need a plumber then call Poulton Plumbing.