Could You Cross Your Legs for 10 Years?

If you wanted to use the public toilets on the North Promenade at St Annes that is exactly what you would have to do! The public toilets were closed in 2006 and never re-opened…until now that is. It comes as a relief to all that this toilet area has been renovated and re-opened for use. As you can imagine being on a sea front this spot has had 10 years of accumulating sand and therefore 20 tonnes of sand had to be removed from the toilet area before the renovation work could even start!

The work was carried out by Danfo (UK) Ltd who has been providing toilet facilities elsewhere in the borough. The local council funded the work costing about £84,000. The toilets are proving to be a popular hit with the local shoppers and tourists. No doubt these conveniences will continue to be appreciated! With Danfo (UK) Ltd monitoring the building and ready to maintain the toilet block the sand will be kept at bay for the next decade to come!

Time to Renovate Your Bathroom?

You may not have to contend with removing 20 tonnes of sand to spruce up your bathroom but maybe the outdated decor is enough to put you off entering your bathroom suite until you really have to. Renovating your bathroom with the help of your local plumber in Blackpool does not have to come with the a hefty price tag of £84,000. In fact, a classic and fresh bathroom suite can be very reasonable if you know where to look. Poulton Plumbing is a reputable local plumber in Blackpool who is happy to help you with any queries about renovating your bathroom. Poulton Plumbing is a reliable plumber in Blackpool and the surrounding areas. They provide advice, maintenance and renovations.