Up in Smoke

Two fire engines raced over to an address in Victory Road after a kitchen went up in smoke recently in Blackpool. A chip pan had been left on the stove and the oil had eventually set light. Thankfully there were no casualties. Surveys say that a staggering 50% of fires start with kitchen appliances. This can be due to negligence. People are distracted more than ever with mobiles, internet, and TV. Of course at this time of year, with the cold weather, people stay indoors so houses are often full of families that need looking after, so the pot in the kitchen can quickly be forgotten. Another culprit is the appliances themselves. People spend more time cooking in the winter months than any other time and gas stoves, open fires and other cooking appliances can all be on the go at the same time.

Your Local Plumber in Blackpool helps you to Stay Safe by carrying out a Gas Safety Check

Poulton Plumbing is your local Blackpool plumber that is Gas Safe registered. They are very experienced and can arrange a gas safety home check including your kitchen appliances at any time that is convenient for you. If you are thinking about purchasing a new or second hand gas cooker then your local plumber in Blackpool will be happy to recommend and install brands that are up to scratch with safety specifications. Washing machines are also linked to house fires and therefore should be checked and installed correctly in your home or kitchen. With various washing machine brands under fire by the press this year it can be hard to make a decision on what product to buy. Again, your local plumber in Blackpool, Poulton Plumbing will be happy to help advise and install quality utilities in your home. Prevent your kitchen from going up in smoke with the help of Poulton Plumbing!