A Costly Warning Sign

It was a relief to read in the Blackpool Gazette this month that finally new warning signs had been installed along the hazardous eastern end of the M55 motorway between junction 1 at Broughton and the interchange with junction 32 of the M6. It may have cost £450,000 but without adequate road safety signs the consequences are much more costly with people’s lives at risk. With these new electronic message signs, they can clearly warn drivers by means of pictures and words about road conditions , the weather, congestion and other incidents. International drivers will also benefit as international symbols will inform drivers of snow, strong winds, ice and skid risk. All drivers need to do now is read them!

Are you Aware of the Warning Sign?

Not only are road warning signs important in this winter weather but so are other kinds of warnings. At this time of the year it is easy to be lulled into a state of relaxation, especially sat in front of the warm glowing embers of a stove. However, your local plumber in Blackpool would like to flag up a few reminders to make sure you can enjoy the winter and at the same time not miss vital warnings. You may have heard of carbon monoxide titled as the silent killer, we have certainly talked about this before with previous blogs. You cannot smell carbon monoxide but you can take precautions and certainly look out for warning signs. Make sure your stoves and gas appliances are safe, so have them serviced regularly. Never use a previous owner’s gas appliance without having it checked first.

Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms are drowsiness, flu-like symptoms, headaches, light-headedness, chest pain, losing consciousness, palpitations, nausea and vomiting.

Poulton Plumbing, your local plumber in Blackpool, carries out regular Gas Safety Checks and can install appliances in the Blackpool area. Never hesitate to call your local plumber in Blackpool if you think your home has a carbon monoxide leak.