If you are a small business and felt not only the effects of flooding but also the unfair insurance deals for flooding last year then here is some good news. The British Insurance Brokers Association has announced that a fairer insurance package will now be available for small businesses that are at risk of flooding. In the past small businesses have had the burden of trying to find affordable flood insurance deals. Over a staggering 70 percent of small businesses have been affected by harsh weather conditions these last few years and as the heart of our community they deserve to be protected. Now small businesses can put the right flood protection measures into place without it flooding their financial resources. Finally small businesses are getting the right support.

How to Protect your Home and Business from Flooding 

Your local plumber in Blackpool, Poulton Plumbing is also interested in supporting local businesses and homes. Having the right flood insurance is important. Knowing how to prevent flooding in your property is just as important. We cannot stop the weather but we can try to prepare for it. Your local plumber in Blackpool is ready to assist if you find yourself with a flood situation but they also have some practical advice.

  • Don’t leave leaks – Respond to them with help from your local Blackpool plumber and while he is there ask him about the drains and gutters…these need to be kept free of debris so that the water can flow easily
  • Your roof needs regular checks and protection if it is leaking
  • If flooding in the area is an annual occurrence you may think about buying a battery-powered sump pump to pump out water from your property
  • Your local plumber in Blackpool can install sewer or septic line check valves, which allow waste to flow only one way to ensure sewage can’t back up into the standing water in your home

Poulton Plumbing, your local plumber in Blackpool says that if you can keep your home in good repair and create good drainage in and around your home, you can stop or reduce potential flood damage. For more information contact Poulton Plumbing.