During the First World War engineers on the battlefield not only had to contend with the enemy but also inadequate weapons. One such weapon was the flamethrower, which was a device designed to project a long stream of fire caused by the use of a high pressured gas. A faulty pipe connector on the flamethrower of a certain army Lieutenant named Tribe caused him to set his mind to finding a better solution to joining two pipes together. It was not long before the ‘Victory Joint’ was born, a pipe that was mechanically bolted together by a gasket seal instead of being welded together. This had never been done before! With the help of the English hydraulic engineer, Dr Henry Hele-Shaw, the Victory Pipe Joint was soon to become the umbrella name of numerous innovative pipe joining inventions. With a Second World War in play the Victory Pipe Joint Co and their innovations became invaluable. With perfect ‘field testing’ conditions, such as joints holding under vibrations from a battlefield along with other external forces, the piping technology continued to develop. Like the new method of coupling of pipes, the company took on a new name by coupling the words ‘victory’ and ‘hydraulic.’ For over 80 years this company has continued to find efficient safe piping system solutions for huge projects such as fire protection systems, water waste management and oilfield operations worldwide.

Pipe Battle Victories with Local Blackpool Plumber

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