Imagine that you have just scooped £14 million.  Would you choose to go back to work after two days? Let’s face it you would have to love your job not to be tempted to just put your feet up, even if just for a while. Amazingly a man called John Doherty did just that! He won £14 million on the lotto and returned to work two days later. What work was it that he loved so much that compelled him to return? Fixing toilets and mending boilers!

He says that nothing has changed since his win and, as he had begun a 4 ½ day training course to support his trade as a gas man, there would be no reason not to finish it. You may be wondering why he did this…he says it is simply nothing more than the fact that he enjoys his work. The only thing that has changed for the plumber is that he now drives around in a brand new black Mercedes, proudly bearing his plumbing logo.

Gas Safety is Priceless

Readers may be forgiven for finding this story quite astonishing. However, Poulton Plumbing, a local plumber in Blackpool cannot help but admire this man’s dedication. It is not just about fixing toilets; John Doherty knows the real value of keeping good customers and gas safety as a top priority. Gas safety saves lives and it is clear that John Doherty is committed to continuing to carry out first rate services for his customers. Blackpool plumbers, Poulton Plumbing have the same core values. They value work that is carried out at the highest professional level. When you are looking for a plumber in Blackpool you are not only looking for an expert, but a friendly and honest plumber that you can trust. Poulton plumbing’s new customers largely come from recommendations from other long term satisfied customers.