Blackpool Beach Base Jumping

If you thought the Blackpool Tower was tall you can only imagine the stir that a yellow crane, of about the same height, arriving on the Blackpool promenade, caused. The good news was the crane was not for construction but for people to base-jump from. Base jumping is quite rightly called an extreme sport in which dare devils delight to participate. It is quite addictive apparently, jumping from a humungous structure, hurtling to the ground free falling until they open their parachutes seconds before they hit the ground. People from around the world came to the shores of Blackpool for the AirgameZ, Britain’s only base-jumping festival and the residents found it just as thrilling as the participants. The competitors are even willing to be parted with their own money to fund the event.

Are You a Dare Devil?

Would you be ready to jump and free fall about 500ft for pure pleasure? Would you even be able to watch someone else take the plunge? We all have our limits. When we leave our comfort zone and become a daredevil and accomplish something we have not been brave enough to do before we feel a sense of pride and exhilaration. All areas of life sometimes require us to leave our comfort zone.

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