Mystified about Tap Mixers?

Tap Mixers are very popular today in the modern bathroom. However, it hasn’t always been that way, in fact Britain did not take to mixer taps as quickly as they ought to have done. Thomas Campbell, from New Brunswick invented the mixer tap in the 1880’s and yet Britain clung on to the two taps for as long as they could, many houses still using them. Britain has a renowned reputation for their lack of enthusiasm for the mixer tap phenomenon. Old traditions are hard to break one might say.

A Little Help from a Plumber in Blackpool

To mix or to separate? This is a good question for your Plumber in Blackpool. It can be difficult to progress further than deciding you want to change your bathroom or simply refresh it. You may have started to peruse the bathroom aisles in the DIY stores. Confusing? With the numerous bathroom fittings available on the market it can be an ordeal to know just where to start. However with the help of a good plumber in Blackpool such as Poulton Plumbers you cannot go wrong. Poulton Plumbers in Blackpool can help you with selecting the perfect bathroom accessories.