Mystified about Tap Mixers?

In your bathroom, seemingly small details like the type of taps you will choose, such as having tap mixers or two separate taps can make a huge difference to the finished look of your bathroom. So it is important to choose wisely and with the help of your local Plumber in Blackpool. Poulton Plumbers are always on hand to help and talk you through the practicalities and aesthetics of various bathroom options.

The Pros of the Mixer Tap

* You have to admit that mixer taps have the upper hand when it comes to style. Often designed with sleek smooth edges that are hard to match with the traditional two taps alternative option

* Ease of use. Let’s face it the mixer tap is very versatile. With modern designs you can have a mixture of hot and cold or simply one heat or the other

* When used correctly they can save you time, money and water! 

What does your Local Plumber in Blackpool say?

Poulton Plumbing offers the following advice ‘Mixer taps are a great way to spruce up your bathroom and give it a modern facelift. As you have read there are also many practical benefits to this tap design. However, taps are used a lot and so you will need to choose wisely remembering quality is the key.’ For any other plumbing repairs, fitting or fixtures then contact Poulton Plumbing your local reliable plumber in Blackpool and the surrounding areas.