A Greasy Business

Poulton Plumbers, your local plumber in Blackpool, would like to highlight some of the real reasons pouring grease down the drains is a bad idea. Interestingly there is more to it than simply ‘grease clogs in the drains.’ A chemical reaction is involved. After the remaining grease that has managed to escape clinging to the sides of the kitchen drain has passed into the sewers it begins to react with chemicals already present in the sewers. These chemicals, grease and oil together become a real menace and easily block the pipes from sewers to the wastewater treatment plant. This causes many of the sewer overflows that can happen every year. 

A Real Fatberg Issue

If you can imagine large icebergs in the sewers that are made from a combination of everyone’s oil and grease massing together to form huge obstructions to the flow of waste water then this is a Fatberg! This is not some funny nickname for a few football sized masses of fat in the sewer but the name for masses of grease and oil weighing up to 17 tonnes! This is certainly worth thinking about before you let that grease slip down the sink. Are you having problems with your kitchen sink draining and looking for a capable plumber in Blackpool? Contact Poulton Plumbing for reliable advice, reasonable prices and rapid response to your plumbing problems.