What Happens At a Boiler Service?

If you have read the last blog on 4 reasons you should get your boiler serviced, you will want to know what will happen at a regular boiler service. There is almost no end to the list of problems boilers can potentially develop. Here are 7 common issues:

  1. Gurgling noises that sound like a kettle on the boil
  2. No hot water
  3. No pilot light
  4. Boiler keeps turning itself off
  5. Cold radiators
  6. Low pressure
  7. Leaks

5 Things Your Engineer Will Do During a Service

If you book a service with Blackpool Plumbers, Poulton Plumbing they will come and carry out a full service of your boiler. Below are at least 5 things they will do during the service.

1. Visual Assessment

Your engineer will want to thoroughly inspect the appearance of your boiler. They will check for any visible signs of leaks and also if the flame is lighting as it should. There should be no signs of corrosion or wear. The engineer will make sure the boiler is meeting current standards.

2. Pop the Bonnet

The engineer will want to take the cover off the boiler so they can inspect inside. This includes the spark probe, the main injector, the burner and, heat exchanger. They will test the components to ensure everything is operating currently and according the manufacturer’s specification. The engineer will most likely clean inside the boiler as well.

You many wonder why cleaning is important. It is because any debris inside can act as an insulator and prevent the efficient transfer of heat. Cleaning will help keep the boiler operating at an efficient level.

3. Flue Check

The engineer is concerned with 2 main aspects of the flue.

  1. The flue is properly fitted. If not there could be leakage.
  2. There are no obstructions in the flue.

The engineer will also check to see there is no corrosive wear or any signs that corrosion has started to set in.

4. Pressure Check

Lots of things can cause a loss of pressure in the boiler system. The most obvious is a leak. Yet there are other causes such as a faulty pressure gauge. The engineer will want to check that the pressure is within the correct operating range. Wherever the problem is coming from the engineer will want to track it down and fix it.

5. Functional Analysis

This is basically getting the system to function so the engineer can observe the various elements of the boiler working. After performing the systems final checks the engineer will be happy to return the boiler to your care for another year.

Make Sure it is Gas Safe

Only use an engineer who is registered as a Gas Safe approved engineer. When they have completed their work they will issue you with a Gas Safe certificate that proves you have had your boiler serviced. This is most useful for landlords renting their properties. In fact, it is a requirement by law, which certainly shows how important it is to get your boiler serviced on a regular basis.

A certificate is also a useful record to keep when you are considering selling your house. Any information that supports your claim to have looked after the boiler will be appreciated.

Boiler Servicing in Blackpool You Can Trust

Poulton Plumbing are Gas Safe registered plumbers in Blackpool with a great deal of experience in the industry. They will come and service your boiler for you and make sure you do not have to endure a cold winter unnecessarily. Get in touch with them today and book your boiler service.