Don’t Get Drained by Your Drains

It can become very tiring If your drains are always getting blocked. There is nothing worse than the foul smell of decaying food debris being stuck in the drain of your kitchen sink.

Equally unpleasant, is the blockage of bathroom sinks or shower basins with hair and other bodily matter that begins to smell. A sure sign of a drainage problem is when the water begins to collect in your shower or sink before actually draining away.

Sometimes that means getting on your hands and knees and opening up the water exit so as to reach in and drag out anything that is stopping the water from escaping. Not a pleasant task for anyone.
So if your drains are blocking what should you do?

Drain Experts – Poulton Plumbing Blackpool

There are lots of ways you can unblock your drains or even treat your drains so that any matter or debris that has become blocked within them will disperse and the drains can then return to normal.

The first thing that may help is using the right tools. You can plunge the drain which helps to break any dislodged matter free so that it can then drain away.

Alternatively, you could use more specialised tools like a drain snake. This is a long piece of wire with a twisted end. It allows deep access to the drain and can be used to break up anything causing a blockage.

It is also a good idea to combine this with some sort of liquid drain clearer for maximum impact. You can use chemical based substances that you can buy or you can use your own home made alternatives. Some people use bleach and others a combination of white wine vinegar and baking soda. However, the best method is to call an expert in unblocking your drains like Poulton Plumbing based in Blackpool. They will make sure your drains are clean and in good condition. You can get in touch with them here.