Top 4 Drain Weapons

Blocked drains are a nightmare. They stink and cause no end of hassle with poorly draining water. This can be very annoying and very unpleasant.

If your drain is blocked what should you do? There are lots of things you can do yourself to unblock the drain. However, a workman is only as good as his tools.

Check out the following 5 must have tools.

1. Plunger

This is old faithful when it comes to sorting out plumbing problems coming from blockages. It is adaptable in the sense it will fit into nearly all sinks and drains. The handles can be varied in length depending on the use and need.

2. Coat Hanger

3. Drain Snake

This is a really helpful device. It is a little bit like the coat hanger but a lot longer. It can be threaded into the drain like a snake. At the end of the tool is a piece that will snag and break up any blockages in your drain.

4. Rubber Gloves

Sometimes as unpleasant as it is, you have to get your gloves on and use your hands. Make sure you use strong heavy-duty gloves that will not tear when stretched. Disposable gloves are OK, but you run the risk of a tear.

Plumber in Blackpool You Can Trust

While you can invest in some or all the items listed above, sometimes once you have bought the necessary equipment, it’s cheaper to get someone in to do it for you. Many people come to us having tried themselves to clear a blocked drain with only temporary success. Save yourself the hassle and what is often an unpleasant experience and call Poulton Plumbing.

Get in touch with them today and book an appointment for them to come and look at your blocked drain.