Unblocking the Drains – Natural vs Chemical

You will have noticed over the past few articles there is a bit of a running theme on drain blockages. This is no surprise as it is one of the most common problems people experience at home.

There are lots of options and various ways you may wish to handle such issues. You can try and fix the problem the old fashioned way by getting down on your hands and knees and/or use several tried and tested tools to break free any blockage in the drain.

A good idea that may save you a lot of effort but requires a little patience is opting for the use of a liquid that has inherent properties within it that serve to attack and break down any blockages. There are natural and chemical ways to do this.

Which one is best and why?

Hard on Blockages Safe on Drains

You can mix yourself a baking soda and vinegar cocktail. When you mix the two together it will fizz aggressively to start with and that is when you send it sailing down the drain. The fizzing action combined with the natural properties of vinegar will help to break up any blockages.

It is good to note this is not an emergency option as it is best left overnight to keep working. Then you can flush in the morning. If you are looking for an emergency solution before your dinner party begins then you may need to turn to something a bit more aggressive.
Sodium Hydroxide

You can buy this from your local hardware store. It must be handled with care, you should use gloves and eye protection as it can cause chemical burns.

Follow the directions on the bottle but as a broad guide mix one cup with one quarter of a gallon of water. Use the volume that you think you will need, possibly a gallon or so will be fine. Pour it into the toilet and leave for half an hour. Flush and repeat the process if needed.

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