Who got a Bronze Award in Blackpool this Month?

Enough of talking about copper, let’s talk about Bronze! So who was awarded a bronze award this week? The Wyre Council, Balfour Beatty and the Environment Agency were handed a bronze award for their efforts to protect a potential 7,500 properties from the risk of flooding by putting into place 2 kilometres of sea defences. The Blackpool Gazette said the award was presented at the annual Considerate Constructors Scheme awards.

Is your Home Defended?

We may not live on the sea front but we may still need to assess the potential risk of flooding in our own home. If your plumbing system is not in order then you could be at risk of a leak flooding your home. The other threat to your home is if anyone who is not a professional plumber decides to start tackling plumbing issues, you could soon find yourself in a very wet home.

Your local Blackpool plumber may not be able to present you with a bronze award but they can give you some very valuable help to defend your home against flooding. Blackpool plumbers, Poulton Plumbing are ready to help you with any leaks or reasons for concern you may have about your plumbing system. Poulton Plumbing strongly advises you to never allow a person who is not qualified to tackle any leaks in the home. This can quickly cause bigger and more costly plumbing issues for you in the future. Better to call your local plumber in Blackpool immediately and get expert help.

If you invest in your home and put defence measures in to place to prevent your home from flooding with the help of your local plumber you will certainly feel like you have won an award as you enjoy the cosiness of your warm dry home.