Defog Your Windows – Top Tip from Space!

Every winter we have to battle with defogging our car windows in the morning or evening before going home. Even if you drive a fairly modern car it can be time consuming at best. In this article we share a method promoted by an ex-NASA engineer. It is not exactly from space but should Mark Rober have a problem in space with foggy windows you can be sure he might try this method. Well at least we do know it works on planet earth. Basically, it requires putting the air on warm and full blast this helps to absorb moisture. Second, you turn on the air conditioning this also helps to reduce moisture in the air. Third, turn off the internal air circulation and open the window slightly. This will allow for the humid air to exit the car and be replaced with ‘drier’ air. Mark Rober says this follows ‘science.’ So why not carry out your own scientific experiment and see how you get on this winter.

Defogging Bathroom Windows – Does It Matter?

It is one thing to defog the car window but what about your bathroom windows. Life can be so busy and such a rush in the morning that we barely have time to give the steamed up windows in the bathroom a second thought. That is not surprising as it does not seem to cause any harm…or does it? Well that depends. If you have double glazed windows and there is moisture in between the glass this would indicate that the seal on the window has become damaged allowing air to enter the space between the window pains. If this is left long term, it will eventually damage the window itself and it may need replacing. A simple tip but often forgotten is to use a de-humidifier. This helps to draw moisture out of the air. If you have a problem with moisture in the bathroom and you are unsure what to do, get in touch with Blackpool plumbers Poulton Plumbing who will be happy to advise you. You can get in touch here.