Blackpool Karaoke Spot on Top 10 list

It seems Blackpool has succeeded in getting into the top 10 list as one of the best places in Lancashire to do Karaoke. Knobby’s Karaoke Bar has come in at number 6. Have you ever been there? Do you enjoy a good old sing song? We are a nation of singers and yet one of the best paces we love to sing is not in a Karaoke bar but in the shower! Actually, we may be shy to take the microphone and sing centre stage at the local Karaoke bar, but we are not so slow to sing to the shower head. Why is that? Evidently singing in the shower is very relaxing, it puts us into a good mood and improves the oxygenation in the blood. The warm water helps improve blood flow, this combined with increased oxygen helps to release happy chemicals into the brain. It also seems you sound better in the shower due to the acoustics of the bathroom.

Shower Power and Relaxation with Blackpool Plumbers

It’s clear that the bathroom is a very important place in our home and in our life and particularly the shower. However, all those health benefits can be quickly spoilt if the shower is intermittent or the hot water temperature is constantly fluctuating. In fact, what was meant to be a relaxing and pleasurable experience can become very frustrating and stressful. Have you ever experienced this? Don’t be robbed of one of life’s natural pleasures and natural healing opportunities. Get in touch with Blackpool plumbers Poulton Plumbing. They will be happy to come and look at your shower to make sure everything is as it should be. They will check that there is correct water pressure, proper water temperature and range and they can even advise you on the design and look of the bathroom itself. Unleash your shower power with Poulton Plumbing. You can get in touch here.