There is rarely anything as inconvenient and unpleasant as a leaky toilet. Leaked water can penetrate the floor in your bathroom and cause a lot of damage. If you have a leaky toilet you will certainly not be the only person. The good news is that it can be easily avoided by just keeping your eye out for a few things in terms of the condition of the toilet. For example if the water tank shows signs of a crack then you need to get it replaced straight away. The water tank is where the water pools before flushing and then flows down through the toilet during a flush. Many people open the lid of this tank to insert cleaning agents and the knocking of the lid can cause damage.

Other weak points can be a rusty pipe, particularly if it is an old toilet. Better to replace with plastic modern pipes. Also look out for a cracked bowl. This can happen for all sorts of reasons but once again it is easily replaced by a qualified plumber. Poulton Plumbing is on hand to help you with any of these jobs and save you the inconvenience!