For some reason a dripping tap can drive us crazy, so much so that it may seem like we are undergoing Chinese water torture. If you have this problem with a tap in your own home you will soon realise how annoying it can be! Apparently the reason we get annoyed by this is the fact we don’t know when the tap will stop dripping…it is said that if we know the dripping will stop in a few minutes then we can easily ignore it. What strange creatures we are! Yet it does seem to make sense if you stop and think about it. Even better it makes us more proactive about getting the solution for the dripping tap as soon as possible.

Poulton Plumbing operates in the Blackpool area and this is one of the most frequent things they get called out for – to stop the dreaded dripping tap! It seems like people can put up with a big crisis in their life but a dripping tap can be the last straw. Poulton Plumbing is more than happy to put your mind at rest and fix the taps. Another important reason to act promptly and call Poulton Plumbing is that precious water is easily wasted and will be added to your water bill.