As weather is always a favourite topic for the true Englishman it is no surprise that many are talking about the fact they have hardly touched the heating yet.  What is more surprising is that people seem a little disappointed the pipes aren’t frozen and car doors are opening with ease in the morning. It’s as if we feel cheated that the temperature has dared to stay in double figures. The funny thing is as soon as the cold comes we love to moan. When the car doors sticks and the gloves are out it is like we feel almost normal again.

What we don’t like is the unexpected. We don’t enjoy it when we go to put the heating on when we really need it and find the boiler has packed in. We don’t like it when the pipe unexpectedly bursts because its frozen. We don’t like not having the phone number of a good plumber when we desperately need one. Why not prepare yourself this year and have a number ready to hand for any unexpected problems. Better still, to help you prepare so as not to have unexpected plumbing problems, call Poulton Plumbing on 01253 886 626 or 07590 492 992 for a professional plumber in the Blackpool area.