It’s that time of year again when plumbers are usually in high demand. One big nuisance for people is usually frozen pipes. Yet this year with the daffodils appearing and the sun still shining, the request for help with frozen pipes is not top of the list. This is quite a relief for many plumbers and yet there is one place on earth that plumbers desperately can’t do without ice or they might be out of a job… and that is the Antarctic.

Yes, you read right, the plumbing mechanical services are in high demand in the Antarctic and it’s not just about keeping the pipes warm. Plumbers are crucial for the Antarctic. Plumbers are needed to build, install and operate hot water pumping systems, sewage plants, incineration plants, kitchen equipment and water production plants at science stations in the Antarctic. Plumbers have left the comforts of home and luxuries to take on the challenge of becoming a plumber in one of the earth’s most extreme climates. Yet many describe their experience of being a plumber mechanic in the Antarctic as a mix of challenges along with the opportunity to enjoy its unique beauty.

So as they pray the ice doesn’t melt in the Antarctic, plumbers here in the UK continue to take advantage of the warmer weather. Having said that, who knows what the New Year has in store and if you find yourself with frozen pipes be sure to ring Poulton Plumbing on 01253 886 626 or 07590 492 992 for a professional plumber in the Blackpool area.