Which Trusted trader logo

  1. What is ‘Which?’

In short, ‘Which?’ is a consumer body that champions the rights of consumers and aims to make them as powerful as the companies they purchase from.

  1. How many members does ‘Which?’ have?

Which? Has over 680,000 members that regularly subscribe to their magazine and 335,000 subscribers through the internet.

  1. What does ‘Which?’ actually do?

Which tests products and services and gives an unbiased opinion on their value for money and quality of service.

  1. Is Which Completely Independent?

This is a very important question because it is at the heart of what makes ‘Which?’ so credible. Yes, ‘Which?’ is completely independent of any businesses and even independent from the government. Also it is useful to note that the organisation operates as non-profit. So all of the funds go into the core function of the organisation which is about informing the consumer. Any advice and information given really is for the benefit of the consumer.

You may have noticed the Which? Trusted Trader logo on the website. This is exciting news for Poulton Plumbing who are delighted to have received such an endorsement. Of course, for all of the long term customers of the business it comes as no surprise.