Some people like a flutter on the horses but when it comes to your life it is no casual matter! Some make claims that certificates such as “Gas Safe Registered” are the government’s way of keeping plumbers, electricians, etc. in a job. Are these claims fair? Far from it!

Obviously plumbers have to make a living, but is that really why the government does not allow uncertified people to do gas works at properties that are not their own?

Gas regulations and safety regulations change as quickly as new and improved methods of practice are developed. Plumbers are kept up to date with both the knowledge and the equipment they need to carry out work safely and correctly.

A home owner that considers themselves as ‘competent’ to carry out their own DIY gas checks and repairs run the risk of making fatal and illegal errors due to not having the appropriate expertise.

Plumbers and electricians that are certified as Gas Safe are such because they have been thoroughly trained and tested for their ability to carry out potentially dangerous work safely and correctly.

Poulton Plumbing, working in the Blackpool area, are Gas Safe Registered for gas installations, repairs and safety checks. Poulton Plumbing prices are fair, reliable and competitive.

Why take the risk it when you can call a reliable professional?