Fracking ‘Red Event’ near Blackpool

What is Fracking? It is basically a method of mining natural gas from the earth. It involves drilling down into the earth and then using a hydraulic drill, basically a high-powered water mixture aimed at the rock face. This process allows for the release of natural gas from shale. Fracking as a term refers to how the rock is fractured in order to release the natural elements from within. There are many fracking sites throughout the UK, one of which is very near to Blackpool, in Preston. The technique is controversial according to some opinions because of concern over the effect on the environment, the use of large amounts of water and potential pollution to ground water. The technique is also more prone to earth tremors. Recently there was an event like that in Preston that was hailed a ‘red event’ and as a result the fracking process had to be halted. This has only added to the concerns of protestors.

Fracking and Blackpool Plumbers

So, should I be concerned about Fracking in Preston and my own plumbing system? Well the theory goes that Fracking is very safe as the actual drilling process bypasses the water table and actually goes a lot deeper into the earth. However, there are concerns that this does not always happen and that the water table can be contaminated by leaking natural gas and other elements. The likelihood of this actually happening is rare as the industry is closely controlled. However, if you are concerned then testing your own water may put your mind at rest. So how do you go about doing that? Is it time consuming and complicated? The short answer is no! You can easily purchase a testing kit online or if you want some help get in touch with Blackpool Plumbers Poulton Plumbing to ask for their assistance. You can get in touch here.