As Christmas heads towards us at an alarming pace, many are apprehensive about the working order of their oven at this time of the year. Is that what you are worried about right now? If your oven could do with a gas safety check, maintenance, or a complete replacement, call Poulton Plumbing your local plumber in Blackpool for help. Let Poulton Plumbing and their qualified team take the pressure off you, so you can enjoy the holiday time at home and the satisfaction of enjoying comforting and traditional food made in your own oven.

Here your local Blackpool plumber lists some of the most common problems people have with their gas stoves and cookers. They are: – noisy burners caused by a change in the gas flow; a gas odour (in which case turn off your appliance and ventilate the room); pilot light not working; surface burners have stopped igniting; the baker igniter fails to work; faulty temperature readings and doors that won’t open.

Your Blackpool Plumber is up for the Job

You may be able to diagnose what some of the problems are with your stove, cooker or range but making sure you treat the problem effectively and safely may require something more than a quick google. However, your reliable local plumber can diagnose and correct the problem for you very quickly if you want them too. As a Gas Safe registered plumbing and heating company, Poulton Plumbing, have extensive knowledge in servicing, installing and repairing gas cookers, ranges and stoves. All their work is carried out safely, efficiently and professionally. If you are having any of the problems listed above, it is time to turn the stress down and the stove up…Call Poulton Plumbing and their excellent team for a quote.