…well that’s what most of Blackpool is hoping anyway! As bricks were lifted from Dickson Road and replaced with other road making materials such as asphalt, many members of the public were up in arms about it. The bricks had been lifted as part of the tram track extension preparation work. Some suggested that having a number of textures and colours of road surfaces juxta positioned was totally unacceptable and an unhealthy obsession on the part of one town councillor or another. Many are hoping this crazy paving is just a temporary eyesore for Blackpool’s Dickson Road.

Would You Be Brave enough to ‘Juxta-position’ Your Colours?

This news story got Poulton Plumbing, a local plumber in Blackpool, thinking about people’s reaction to certain colours, styles and textures. For some it is almost unthinkable to have a variety of colours and textures juxta-positioned and yet for others this would be something considered as exciting and invigorating and quite simply beautiful. When it comes to home decorating, personal taste is what usually wins over fashion as we are the ones who have to live with our choices in the long term. However, if you like all things to be juxta-positioned and stylish then this is your time! Juxta-positioning colours can be very effective in house decor. Hot stylish bathroom designs right now definitely have room for retro juxta positioning colours of paint, wood textures and wallpaper designs. You never know may be the crazy paving on Dickson Road will catch on!

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